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Acupuncture Sports Medicine

REVIVE. REPAIR. RECOVER. RELIEF. RESULTS. Athletes understand the benefits of safely and effectively recovering from sports injuries. They seek the edge of a drugless, pain-free performance and want long-term results without all the negative side effects.

Whether you climb to the top of the mountain or are recovering from injury, surgery or have chronic pain and tension, acupuncture can help you fix the problem and relieve your pain.

GET TO THE ROOT of pain & inflammation with functional solutions to complex pain problems. Live without chronic pain, decrease your healing time, learn relevant health tools to integrate into your life and get customized support for the seemingly unrelated symptoms of your health pattern.

At Acupuncture Sports Medicine, we are happy to answer any of your questions regarding acupuncture, treatment plans and getting started.

Before I started Acupuncture sessions, I was so body sore in the morning I could barely get out of bed. Now I have my life back, and enjoy a regular fitness routing without pain.
Roger Turket - Pilot
I was a “first timer” to acupuncture and was apprehensive, but the procedure was absolutely painless and in fact relaxing! With the outstanding results now my eye are opened to why acupuncture is an essential part of health management.
Heiti Gooseman - Magazine Director
Chronic pain was turning me into a couch potato. Then I found acupuncture. Regular treatments let me live my life instead of watching in on TV.
Tony Allen
Months after recovering from my car accident, I began having recurring pain shooting down my back and leg making it impossible to enjoy hiking like I used to. Now with acupuncture I’m back on the trails! Thank you!
Soloman Swift - Hiker
I have been a client of Shoshana’s for the past 25 years and she approaches acupuncture with the same zest, creativity, and thoroughness as she does life. Her treatments integrate the body, mind and spirit for positive, lasting results. You will not be disappointed.
Margaret Bates - Environmental Engineer
I never feel rushed or anxious in Shoshana’s office. She takes the time to get to the root of my problem and ever troublesome issues I didn’t even know I had. I suffer from migraine headaches and I’ve seen several Western and Eastern medicine-based doctors. The treatment I received form Shoshana produced the best results by far.
Chloe Winston - Equine Trainer

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