Acupuncture + Microcurrent Therapy

Cupping, Infrared Therapy + Non-needle Treatments

Functional Health Education + Wellness Coaching

Acupuncture Sports Medicine is a clinically proven treatment system for the relief of acute and chronic pain, inflammation, soft tissue injury and other systemic musculoskeletal disorders. Acupuncture works to promote the body’s inherent healing mechanisms and is combined with orthopedic and rehabilitation techniques to facilitate a rapid and lasting recovery for numerous conditions such as:

  • Pain + Tension
  • Arthritis + Joint Conditions
  • Back + Neck Injuries
  • Headache + Jaw Pain
  • Shoulder Problems
  • Tendonitis + Bursitis
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Pelvic, Hip + Sciatic Pain
  • Knee, Ankle + Foot Pain
  • Post-surgery Rehabilitation
  • Sports Injury Recovery
  • Soft Tissue Trauma
  • Athletic Performance
  • Sprains + Strains
  • Weakness + Numbness
  • Stress + Fatigue

Acupuncture & Microcurrent Therapy Work!

Pain is the #1 reason why most people seek attention of a physician or therapist and it is often recurrent, elusive and difficult to treat. Whether acute or chronic pain, many of us have our own “personal pain problem” which is actually a web of complex biological and bioelectric mechanisms.

Injuries, trauma, surgeries and repetitive strain disorders can negatively affect the sympathetic nervous system and create an environment where pain thrives. This pain cycle will continue to be activated until the triggers are eliminated and/or reduced and electrical balance is restored.

The ancient practitioners, like good electricians knew that manipulating the Chi or Vital Energy (our innate bio-currents) would correct a “short-circuit” in the body’s complex electrical system to provide lasting and effective results. Modern bioelectric research into pain management now helps us define the proven mechanisms of acupuncture and microcurrent therapy to treat pain, inflammation and dysfunction.

Powerful Changes with Acupuncture & Microcurrent Therapy

The application of acupuncture and microcurrent stimulation to specific points on the body restores bioelectric health and accelerates self-healing mechanisms to reduce pain. These impulses influence neurological, motor and inflammatory pathways to increase cellular metabolism and repair. As a result, powerful functional changes happen in organs, vessels, muscles and fascia tissue by treating the underlying mechanism of pain.

Relief from Acute & Chronic Pain – Effective, drug-free approach stimulates neurological pathways in the brain & spinal cord to produce natural pain-relieving endorphins.
Improved Circulation – Better circulation translates to better function, reduced inflammation, improved movement and muscle relaxation.
Faster & More Efficient Wound Healing – Increased cellular repair & growth factors reduce inflammation and healing time.
Boosts ATP Production in Cells – ATP is the energy-carrying molecule in cells that powers all activity, including increased cellular metabolism for faster relief from pain and inflammation.
Improved Bone Healing – Acupuncture and microcurrent therapy promote normal bone formation and accelerate the osseous healing process.
Interference Patterns from Scars & Adhesions – Acupuncture and microcurrent activation dramatically affects connective tissue restrictions and adhesions that produce pain patterns throughout the body.

“Every event in the body, either normal or pathological, produces electrical charges and every part of the human body forms a continuously interconnected electronic network. Accumulated physical and/or emotional trauma impairs this electrical connection, which leads to the disease process. Complete health corresponds to total electrical interconnection”.Dr. James Oschman, Phd.

Acupuncture Treatment in Anchorage Alaska

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